Saturday, February 02, 2008

On a similar theme

Well, not really. I just caught a new HBO series called In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne. I wasn't going to watch, because I thought it might be painful, and it was, but he said something quite good about what therapy is supposed to be--that he (the therapist) couldn't make a decision for you or tell you what decision to make, but that he could help you figure out what was bothering you about the decision.

I'd go with that.

I have one friend who wanted a therapist to tell her how not to be unhappy after just a few weeks of therapy and quit when he couldn't/wouldn't.

I have another friend who went to couple's therapy and wanted the therapist to tell her husband all the things he was doing wrong and to tell her if she should stay.

I tried, as gently as possible, to say that perhaps they had unrealistic expectations from therapy. It really didn't take and I couldn't say any more without jeopardizing the friendship.

I like therapy. If I had more money I'd probably do it all the time. If I really need it anytime in the future I'll certainly go back.

I've had 5 therapists, I think. One was terrible and one was just mediocre. Two I loved and had for years and one was very good, but the nature of that particular therapy was that it come to an end.

If I am not entirely "healed," then it is because I was unwilling/unable to do all the work at that time. I own that wholely. I also am coming to own that there is no "healed." There is only acceptance/non-acceptance. What one should accept about one's life to enjoy it. What one should not accept and make an effort to change.

It's like the Serenity prayer only less sappy.

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