Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Voice-Over Demo

Well, it's taken me years, but I finally did it. I finally made a voice-over demo! And like almost everything, it did not warrent the worry I put into it. I have been virtually promised work for a year by one production company if I only had a tape to show around. The work I've done already THIS YEAR for said company nearly paid for it. And yet, I hesitated because I wanted it to be "perfect," whatever that might mean. Perfect script which showed off every aspect of my voice, all kind of accents, etc.

In the end, it is a straightforward commercial tape with a little narration and a single "character" voice. No accents, no cartoons. The only odd thing is the inclusion of a poem at the end because I have already been hired to read poems, so it seemed a strange necessity--a bit of originality and differentiation. Plus it's at the end, where most prospective employers won't even hear it.

It will remain linked at the side. If/when I do a webpage--which seems more likely with my nice new Dreamweaver books and the practice I'm getting at work--it will be there as well.

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