Monday, May 28, 2007

Ha Ha

Don't you hate it when I'm down to the end of the month and creating filler posts?

I really do have legitimate posts on:

Castle in the Sky--Miyazaki (It's about a spunky girl who finds inner reserves of strength while battling the power mad and discovering that crazy old ladies are not as crazy or bad as they seem--but the power mad always are--Miyazaki fans know that I just described most of his films)

Notes on a Scandal--not as good as I would have liked and how come we were never told about the lesbian overtone in America? Total trivia--Cate, Dame Judy and Anne-Marie Duff (cameo at end) have all played Queen Elizabeth I--deliberate?

On Chesil Beach--Ian McEwan. Wow, he just keeps getting better and better and he started out pretty good.

Maybe by noting them I'll make myself pick them up and run with them--esp. now that the TV season is over.

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