Monday, May 28, 2007


Weight is steady, maybe a pound down, but the measurements are better which they always say is a better indicator of progress. Broke down and had ice cream out on Sunday after stressful meeting with costume commission. Did skip dessert for rest of day(and lunch) so not too worried about it. Also drank soda on Saturday working on costumes as it WAS SO HOT!

Busy, busy weekend, busy day. Had brought work home--did that for several hours (preparations for leaving), put together half a newsletter (waiting on pictures), tidied though dust still lies heavy on everything. Even sewed a little.

It's daft, that I put off doing things because I do feel so good once I've begun them, and often think, "Gee, that was easier than I expected. Why did I wait so long." Unfortunately it also makes me think of the million things that I wish were done and organized--the "how did I let my life get into this state," syndrome. I could work on projects for days and days and never stop but then I'd burn out (I think). I desperately want to get the house more organized before I begin this new job. For instance I spent some time today going through things at our shared desk before I could begin on the work I'd brought home. If I really want the work-at-home thing to be viable in the new job then I need to keep the desk area under control. I am actually a very organized person at heart. I know where everything is. I do have a system, but the interests get ahead of me. What's funny is I've advised people as a sort of organization coach and my advice to them would be "Chuck any projects that you haven't touched in ages. There will always be others." I find that harder to do for myself. I did throw out a stack of old Games Magazines today--I will never finish those crosswords and I really don't want to. Must keep going.

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