Sunday, May 20, 2007


I've gained two pounds back. Trying not to to be devastated and discouraged. It was a very stressful week AND an office birthday and I didn't get to the gym as much because of things going on.

Otherwise, I was batting a thousand (do you know, I don't even know what that means in reality, not as a cliched expression for success). Talked to a school. Went to bed most nights around 11. Did something else big I'll write about tomorrow after the relevant parties have been notified, just in case. Threw the office birthday party. Met with a good friend, talked another friend off of a wall and did it well, I think, had some good ideas for another friend's wedding decorations, and if I did not make the costumes I've been hired to make, I have everything I need to make them which I did not have when I got up on Saturday. Even had an eerie run of my own personal game of identifying movies in a single frame, including, bizarrely films I have not seen, but identified through extrapolation--Jaw Breaker and the Japanese horror film Infection (as in actors in it, setting, costumes--how many films has Rose McGowan actually been in?). Watched Infection, creepy and weirdly funny. AND going to bed now--which if you look at the post time is pretty amazing.

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Matt said...


Batting 1000 = hitting the ball every time you bat. Batting averages are taken out to 3 decimal places, so they look like 0.250, etc. Batting .250 would mean you hit the ball one out of every 4 times up to bat. So batting 1.000 is freaking incredible... literally. It pretty much can't be done.

Rose McGowan = 23 films to date, one in production, and a few TV movies and series.

Weight = my weight goes up and down as much as 2-3 kilograms within the course of a week... that's more than 6 1/2 pounds. Of course, I'm sure I'm much bigger than you... but the pound is a very small unit of measurement, and our bodies do fluctuate, even just from drinking and eating, etc. And remember that liquid weighs a LOT...