Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wander and ye shall find...

This is the fundamental dilemma of the internet--you start looking for one thing and then there's so many inviting things to look at...

I was looking up the word "kerfluffle" for another post (I like to look up words while I'm writing to make sure I haven't been misusing them for years and that I've got the spelling right, etc.) and found this.

(I especially like his comment, "So when an incident like this one arises, it's not enough to point out an error; they must prove that the error had nefarious origins. In some places on the Web, everything happens on a grassy knoll.")

It quite brilliantly sums up many of the things I've said in this blog. Why is the web SO angry? I was also reading an article this week regarding the hate mail that many female bloggers seem to get (which was countered by men saying that they get them too). While I'd like to have readers to have discussions, the more one is known, the more one receives useless detritus. Freedom of speech means even idiots get to speak.

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