Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ok, I had to find out if I could do it

Well, that was absurdly easy. Have to say Blogger being bought by Google has made it damned easy to do things.

So yes, I love Laruku. This is their new single--I didn't like it at first but it's growing on me in a mad way. Very bummed that there's no date for a whole new album.

I've been trying to avoid L'Arc because, well, because I've downloaded a lot of other music and I was trying to give it a chance, but also to see if I really liked them if I didn't look at Hyde, and you know what?

They really are my favorite band. A day without L'Arc is ... rainbowless.

And I'm still trying to not look at Hyde because what really is the point of crushes? I'll never meet him. I probably wouldn't like him if I met him. He assuredly is not going to fall for me. Plus I really like him best between oh, '95 and '98 and he's not going to look like that again. Come to think of it, I probably like myself best for how I looked around '95 (no, probably '93) and that isn't coming around again either. :P

Having a famous crush is like being in love with Mr.Darcy. Fiction vs. real life.

But the music is still fantastic.

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