Thursday, June 07, 2007

Carbon Leaf

This is My Song

My name is Luck, this is my song
I happened by when you were gone. Oh well...
I apologize that I could not stay
But I hope good things swing your way
I know they will ... here's your horseshoe
So best of luck to you

From the stable running brave
From the cradle to the grave
This is my day, this is my song!
I am alive .. what can go wrong?
If we're on our way-oh, ok let me know
If we're on our way-oh, ok then, let's go

My name is Hope, Luck just ran out
He said he'd return, without a doubt
(ah, but don't you believe him!)
Oh, I happen to have a message from Love
She told me she knows what you've been dreaming of
My name is Hope, this is my song. When things go wrong
(slightly cheesy, I know, but something about it just grabs me.)

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