Monday, June 25, 2007

File under using your education well

I remembered that I have used Je me souviens myself. Back when I was collecting lit. mags., I entered a contest at Rosebud Magazine. I must have been the only entrant because they published all of my entries. It was for titles of Bogus Best Sellers:

Je me tienne un biscuit et je me souviens rien (I hold a cookie and I remember nothing)/Abreger une histoire longue, tant pis! (To make a long story short, too late!)--Marcel Proust

Some of my others were:

Hey, You! Put Back My Cheese!--Johnson/Blanchard

Spaghettios for the Soul: 101 Stories of Closed Minds and Crushed Spirits

Chicken Soup for the Psychopath's Soul: 101 Stories that drop the meds and rekindle the voices

The Italian Grandmother: Mange, Mange!--Mario Puzo

Any Day Now the Rabbi Will Convert--Harry Kemelman

Rabbit Takes Viagra--John Updike

The Inscrutables/The Indefatigables (A Two Volume Set)--Henry James

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