Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm baaaccckkk

Just received a sweet note from Musing asking me to return. Thank you. I have not given up blogging--I was just both stressed and away. Felt it was not conducive.

In the past two weeks, working backwards: I attended a friend's girl's night out shower, went to Montreal, had the last day of my old job and made a handbag.

I also watched the end of Basilisk, The Last King of Scotland and Kinky Boots. Kind of blew my diet because of birthday, leaving work treats and vacation. Figured out that if I want to play video-games I must set an alarm clock. My husband was rejected for insurance and I've been trying to figure out what his stupid doctor could have written that would cause that.

That's pretty much it for the personal. Worked on that dress I started ages ago when fighting a cycle of video-game addiction--happy to say it's all done but the finishing. Sorted stuff--my on-going project to weed through the accumulation to get to the essentials, like throwing out old magazines. In 2002 after I had had a creative spurt and written lots of poetry I started getting lit-mags with a view to submission. Still have them. I should just throw them out without looking but I keep thinking there were things I wanted to save.

I've also hesitated to write posts just like this--that are meaningful only to people who know me. To try and get back (or get to in the first place) essays which exam a point. Don't know if I'm there yet. I guess I'll write and see.

I have found that my brain is off this week of vacation. Forgetting words, rambling. Mis-referenced Dr. Moreau as Dr. Caligari TWICE in one day (I don't know what that says about me that I need to reference Dr. Moreau twice in one day). I was late to work on my last day because I misread the clock! Strange. So perhaps I need to get back into the rhythm of this and the verbal of this to function.

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Musing said...

Glad you've returned. :-)

I'll be back when I have more time to read. Am currently on break and am almost done with my sweet & salty almond bar, which means time to get back to work.