Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OMG--TOTAL Fangirling now

Remember this blog


where I said that Hyde was channelling Pete Burns of Dead or Alive. I haven't searched the L'Arc-o-sphere for a long time, one or two sites where I go for news, but a quick search for something else led to a translation of comments on L'Arc's new single (which I linked to last month) and Hyde SAYS that he wanted to do a Dead or Alive type of song! OMG! OMG! And that he gave it to Yuki to mix (well wanted the Yuki techno treatment). I thought Yuki had written the music the first time I heard it.

Yes, I am a sad fangirl.


Musing said...

When I read that on the Ark I thought of your post and meant to email but then didn't. But, that was very perceptive of you. :-)

Matt said...

L'arc en Ciel is playing in Okayama on Tuesday... and I don't have the spare $70 plus train fare (about $30) to go to the show.

Le sigh...

Novel said...

I actually heard that the shows were sold out.

My friend B is going to be in Tokyo in August and her hosts tried to get tickets for one--kept dialing for an hour--with no luck.

In America, of course, the radio stations and ticket houses would be releasing some as the date got closer, but suspect it doesn't work like that in Japan with the whole fan club level.