Monday, June 11, 2007

Whenever I try to get out, they keep pulling me back in

You know how I'd pretty much resolved to leave theater behind except in special circumstances and move on with my adult life--i.e. new job, life insurance, investments, etc.?

There was a part posted a few weeks ago and I really thought about going for it--character was my exact age, chance to play a lipstick lesbian, interesting company, but I said no, no, keep going.

EXCEPT, they sent me a personal invite to come audition based on a mass audition I did last year. Of course, they could be so desperate for this part that they are sending it out to every headshot they've ever seen that was remotely close. BCC, don't I love thee.

Leaving that aside, I'm somewhat flattered--it's cool to be personally asked to audition. Of course, it's cooler to be simply asked to take a role, but ...

The real dilemma is that it goes up in October. Right when the new job really hits the fan--conference I put together and run--big conference in Scottsdale that I'm supposed to attend. As my husband put it, like several tech weeks back to back. Blech.

So, do I audition, knowing that I really shouldn't/couldn't take the role if offered? Do I politely decline to audition citing scheduling conflicts (and the secret belief that they are looking for someone more athletic than I am (see list below)? Decisions, decisions.

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