Tuesday, August 28, 2007

File under D'Oh

I'm now going to admit something so amazingly dumb that your estimation of me may go down.

My husband and I have been driving our car in third gear for the past year.

This is due to the design on the gear shift that has 3rd and drive in line with each other. But it was obvious to JT when he was riding in our car.



Now, we did wonder why it was so noisy, why it seemed to over-rev and why our gas mileage was so much worse than reported for the Yaris, but we thought it was just a side effect of living in the city.

Well, at least it was only a year (in my defence, this is only the second car I've ever driven at length--my husband feels mighty stupid). I'm looking forward to seeing how much better our mileage is going to be.

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