Thursday, August 30, 2007

For House fans

(Isn't it funny how a plain noun has become a metaphor unto itself).

Anyway, since I'm strolling down memory lane, and my Zen gave me both of these songs today on random:

Yes, that's a very young Hugh Laurie, and Dawn French of French & Saunders, Vicar of Dibley and co-creator of Absolutely Fabulous. This is one of my favorite Kate Bush songs. It was the only new song on an album of hits in 1986. I always thought a Greatest Hits album from Kate was pretty funny since at that point she'd only made five albums. She's only made three more albums since then. If you YouTube Kate, you'll see that her early videos are dreadful--they look like high school productions. For some reason, for her fifth album she got a lot of money for videos. She was hanging out with a lot of comedy people then--working on The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (a charity event in Britain). This oddly enough also reminded me of Atlas Shrugged--there's an experiment with sound in the novel as well. This video was banned from Top of the Pops because it was too violent.

This is another one of my favorites. It's from the fifth album, 1985. And that's Donald Sutherland, Keifer's father, star of M*A*S*H and many other fine films. "It describes psychologist Wilhelm Reich's arrest and incarceration through the eyes of his son, Peter, who wrote his father's story in A Book Of Dreams, published in 1973, on which the song is based. Wilhelm Reich is the inventor of the cloudbuster." (Wikipedia).

Kate is nearly worshiped in Britain--it's hard to describe how much of an icon she is.

It should be noted hat my husband thought that this album, The Hounds of Love, was already a come down from her early brilliance. I heard Hounds of Love at 15 and, well, it spoke to my soul. I love the earlier stuff too. Many people find her voice too shrill on her earlier hits such as Wuthering Heights.

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