Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here's to ignoring it all...

Despite the documents I have not finished, the graphic that could be improved, the reading I should be doing, the layers of dust on everything I own, the piles of ironing which have taken over my sewing room (ironing is on an "as needed" basis at the moment), the personal filing of paid bills and important documents which is inches thick, Husband and I went to the beach in Salem. I did something I haven't done since I was a teenager--stuck my legs out to actually try and get a tan (pursuing goth paleness, I usually try not to get a tan), did a quick swim in the very cold water and read Moby Dick. Then we had Fried Dough and came home where I brushed the cat (he was shedding faster than he could cope). I did pretty well on ignoring the above while sitting there on the sand. It was bliss and I am only lightly burnt.

I also made this for work (I've put a USB drive next to it for scale):

I'd always meant to make one, but I haven't always been in a cube, plus I got the frame as a favor at the wedding I went to. Here's to doing nothing, but doing it very well.


musing said...

I've been ignoring dust and ironing on an "as needed" basis for decades. I have no regrets.

Novel said...

Life is more than ironed clothes and a clean house. I agree.