Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is for Musing and B to take both of their minds off of other things. I happened to find it instead of what I was looking for (which was the 5Lives--they know what this means).

Now, I'm not a fan of Karaoke, but I found this entertaining not because of the song, which is not a favorite of mine (more on that in a minute) but because it's written three different ways--Romajii, Kana and English translation. I wish I could find more (perhaps of the songs I like more), but the irc seems to be dead. I did find this:
which is kind of fun, because you can sing with the artist, and then try it alone, but it doesn't tell you WHEN to sing, like a real karaoke version.

Now, what I was saying about it not being my favorite got me thinking. L'Arc has 118 song by rough count--counting "My Heart Draws a Dream" due out next week, but not any of the remixes, Ectomorphed songs, D'Arc, P'Unk, live versions, Hydeless versions or the new songs they are doing on tour. I know I LOVE at least 25, maybe 30, that just take my breath away for beauty (Forbidden Lover) or strangeness (Shinshoku) or just great melody (Peeping Tom). There's then probably 25-30 that I like; just great pop songs or rock--this falls somewhere in the middle to low end of that group. Edit: I realized that this song: Ready, Steady, Go, is probably the best known L'Arc song in the world because it's the theme to Full Metal Alchemist. Which means nothing to those who aren't Anime Otaku, but a lot within it. I know many people who found L'Arc through the show.

Sorry, B, but I really don't listen to Dune much (except for one song), so that's probably 9 at the bottom, and I don't like much of Real, so maybe 7 there plus some others--what I consider cheesy ballads that sound like other people (What is Love), or songs where I just don't like what Hyde's doing with his voice (Anemone). So probably 20 to 25 at the bottom. That leaves 23 songs unaccounted for.

Nan dai yo, ne?

Probably what's happened is I'm just misjudging the size of each group, but it struck me as very odd, and may prompt the OCD in me to categorize the songs, just to get it out of my head.

Edit: Oh, parsnips--I just realized it cuts off the English translation. Well, you ain't missin that much--the translation was a little funky.


musing said...

Well, shoo, I can't get the video to work. The little loading thingie just keeps going round and round and round.

I'll try again later.

Novel said...

Try again--I think I was editing it as you were trying to read it. I kept doing that thing where Blogger takes you to an edit pages that's a few edits back so you lose the ones you did... Plus I had the video in a private file. Should be good now.

musing said...

Yay, it worked!

Very cool with the Romajii, Kana and English. And there's nothing like chibi L'Arc to put a smile on one's face. :)

Thank you!

What do you think of the pv for My Heart Draws a Dream?

Novel said...

Oh, SQEEE!! Did this just come out? I've been checking everyday and I didn't look today. I love it. Hyde looks very Japanese, and it reminds me of Jyoyoshi (I think I'm mispelling that right now) which is funny because I just showed a co-worker that (J) and 7th Heaven because they're on my player for contrast. She thinks he has a great voice! Yay! I am so excited for this new album I could scream. How about you guys?

musing said...

We cannot wait for this album! *flails*

And I love the pv. I especially like the part where the children mouth the words. It's moving but not overly sentimental.

Matt said...

I think the Nihongo you want is "nandayo" and in Kansai would be "nandayo nen?!" which means "WTF?!" roughly.

The "yo" makes the "da" sound like "dai" but "dai" would mean something like "big" that wouldn't work there gramatically.

Question: Is Hyde NOT on the L'arc tour? One of my students and one of her friends went to the show in Wakayama and said it was GREAT but it was like 8000 yen.

Novel said...

On the nandayo...I've gotten about 4 different spellings from various sources. Drat. I'll keep meaning to confirm it with my Japanese friend--at the same time, I know it's rude, so I'm never sure if I should bring it up.

Hyde IS on tour with L'Arc. Was he not on stage? There's some YouTube stuff of some Korean shows.