Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh, I love this! Duran Duran vindication

Matt sent me this interview:

I think it says it all, plus it's a pretty interesting interview after the Duran Duran stuff, and OH, how the interviewer does not want to acknowledge that Duran Duran might have musical merit. Probably loves U2. I hardly think D2 is the most plugged band--certainly not anymore.


Garrett said...

The interviewer was sitting down with Japan's most prominent human rights activist and trying to get him worked up over Duran Duran. That, in and of itself, was the whole joke - glad to see it was at least a little convincing, though.

The interviewer cares not a whit for either Duran Duran or U2, although sitting somewhere in a pile of CDs are, maybe, The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby.

The interviewer himself listens only to rap about specific, brand-name products performed by young children. He also thought that CD with the synthesized cats yowling Christmas favorites was adorable and inundates the Tokyo subways with it on a boombox at top volume even now, in the sweltering month of August.

Thanks for the link.

Novel said...

That explains so much.

Matt said...

Wow. You got his attention. Nice. Glad I forwarded that to ya ;)