Saturday, August 25, 2007

More on Angell

Two things: One, Angell was recently completely refurbished, so the waiting area was completely different from the night we went there for an emergency. Bizarrely it looked quite a bit like the human hospital in my dream, even down to the vending machines at one end, the curved wooden benches, the big automatic doors (which Guinness nearly crashed into). The only difference was that the one in my dream was brightly colored and this one was monochrome. Almost disturbingly similar.

Two, Angell has an adoption center, which we foolishly walked through. My husband fell in love with several cats, including one who was so fat he looked like a pillow with a head. The dogs' stories were just heartbreaking--owners got to old, owners died, owner's abandoned, didn't deal with newborn baby. They were such sweet dogs who had no idea why their happy home wasn't there anymore. Some of them were huge--they're going to be hard to place. I kept tearing up and had to leave. One was there because the landlord didn't allow pets--that makes my husband crazy--then you find another landlord--you don't betray a creature who trusts you. We had friends who decided that they really didn't need dirty cats after they had a baby. My husband has pretty much cut them out of his life. We could have many more options in apartments if we gave up our pets. We would probably rather die.

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