Sunday, August 12, 2007

I've missed this

I've been stupidly, insanely busy at work. I've been sitting here at the main computer every night or in front of the TV with the laptop every night for most of the last week with a few exceptions.

I say stupidly because a) I want things to be better and that takes time and b) I'm not an expert or even particularly trained in any of the programs I'm using so I find after days of work that there were better ways of doing things. It's very frustrating. I keep trying to remind myself that eventually I will be very good in these programs simply by trial and error, but it's slow going now.

For instance--looking at this post by Matt,, I remembered how simple it is to do something dramatic in Photoshop and made the new picture (although at the moment, it's distorting slightly). Just putting things onto transparent backgrounds has taken a chunk of time. Added to the problem is the fact that I have a different version of Photoshop and inDesign at work than I do at home (newer at home) which makes taking things back and forth difficult even with export. And so on. Plus I want to make old documents PDF writable but it seems to be impossible to get the tabs to work properly when building over a previous version so then I think--why did I think these needed to be writable again?

I have taken time out to do fun things--just not blogging after sitting at the computer for so long.

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