Saturday, August 25, 2007

Long day

Guinness went for his ultrasound today. This became a much bigger process than it should have been for several reasons. One, there are only two animal hospitals in Boston and the more convenient one to us only had weekday slots. We also couldn't just bring him in for an ultrasound, he had to be examined and then the Vet would decide if he really needed one, or something else. The other is located in the heart of south Boston neighborhoods--areas we are not familiar with, where I had gotten lost only Thursday, and where certain areas are...less savory. We'd been there before, but late at night with no traffic. So we went down taking a long a roundabout way (I don't want to sound like a travelogue, but for those in Boston, Storrow to Kenmore, to Longwood, to Huntington St., to JP), but had given ourselves plenty of time. Guinness doesn't deal well with other larger dogs, so I walked him around the little park while husband waited. Vet was very nice, very thorough. Could fit him in for Ultrasound, but no guarantee on time. Might be an hour, might be four. Plus he found some enlarged lymph nodes and wanted to rule out some things so those would probably be easier for them to do all at once. So we could leave him or stay. We decided to leave and pay the extra price for day board. We went to lunch in Jamaica Plain, at the exact same restaurant I'd eaten in on Thursday, wandered a bit, checked with the hospital. Still not done. So we decide to go home. My husband starts to retrace our steps. I point out there's an easier way, but we're headed in the wrong direction. Oh well--so JP to Huntington, to Mass Ave. to Melnea Cass, to 93 North.
Now, as the crow flies, this place is probably 3.5 miles from our house because Boston is quite geographically small. Each of these trips have now taken about 35 to 45 minutes.
It's terribly hot, neither of us feel well, we go home and nap with the phone next to the bed. At 5:30 the vet calls and says that Guinness can be released at 6 (the original apt. had been at noon). We go--I'm driving this time. We leave about 15 to 6. I take 93 with the intention of picking up Melnea Cass back to Columbus to Centre St. where the hospital is. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Except there are no signs for Melnea Cass once we get off of the highway and we end up in DORCHESTER (seedy neighborhood) where some sort of peace parade is happening and we are diverted repeatedly!!! I actually ask one of the cops directing traffic if he knows the best way to Angell Memorial Hospital. He asks where is it. I say JP. He shrugs and I say, "So I'm SOL?" He says, "Basically." THESE NEIGHBORHOODS ARE SIDE BY SIDE!
ONE HOUR LATER we get to the hospital in a pretty frazzled state. It then takes an HOUR for Guinness to be discharged.
But we are so happy to seem him and he is so happy to see us, and everyone in the waiting area tells us how cute he is.

So, the good news is that his liver doesn't look misshapen or wrong, just large. His blood work is all the same as it's ever been. The bad news is that he definitely has stones and needs an operation. They will biopsy the liver while they have him open (saying that makes me a little sick) to rule out cancers. And this is a chunk of change, which we have, but weren't planning to spend like this. Poor little guy.

Post Script: Came home smoothly, the way I'd been aiming for all day--Centre to Columbus to Melena Cass to 93 North--15 minutes. Jeeze, Louise. I'll have to do this in rush hour next week to drop him off.

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